• Russian Revolution
    Education,  History

    Russian Revolution

    Like the French revolution , Russian revolution is also a very significant revolution in the history of the world. The ideas of socialism and communism about which we study today , have their origins somewhere in this Revolution. Although these ideas existed earlier also but this particular revolution provided a profound base for these ideas to penetrate greater into the society. As is the norm , every revolution has a story behind it . A story of struggle , hardships and disappointments which give way to a revolution . So the Russian revolution too have a story behind it . Let us see this story and the revolution which occurred.…

  • How to Make Notes
    Education,  Grammar

    How to Make Notes

    Don’t know how to make notes ? Here we go . Most of us study alot . We study all the book , and devote most of our time tk our studies sincerely but yet don’t get the desired results . Have you ever given a thought to why this happens ? What is the reason that despite so much of hardwork we don’t get the result ? Often we don’t pay attention to find the weakness in us . Instead we assume that next time I will work hard and will get good marks . But this is not true . If you are not getting the desired results…

  • Democracy in India
    Education,  Political science

    Democracy in India

    Democracy is a heightened topic now-a-days . We often hear news including the term democracy and many news also includes the phrase that ” democracy is in danger ” . But what actually does democracy mean ? What this heavy term means and why it is so important ? We will explore some features of democracy and will see some examples of democracy from the world and then we will restrict ourselves to the democracy in india . And see how the democracy in india is changing day by day . What is Democracy ? Before we learn anything , the very basic thing is to have the full knowledge…

  • The French Revolution
    Education,  History

    The French Revolution

    History often seems boring . But it is very important that we read history then only we will be able to understand the present . Our legacy lies in the past . Whatever we have at present is the product of the processes of the last . As we all know that we gained our independence after a long battle . But before the stuggle for independence , there were some other important events which shaped the ideas for Independence . One such great event in the pages of history is ” the French revolution ” . The ideals of equality , liberty and justice that we embrace today are…

  • Types of Industries
    Education,  Geography

    Types of Industries

    Are you thinking of starting your own business ? Then this is a must read blog for you . Before doing it starting anything we should acquire the best knowledge about that field . Similarly before starting your own buisness , you should have the knowledge of the best place and the best type of industries or buisness that you should go with . Facilities available at a place and the types of industries are co- related to some extent. Because it is the facilities available at a place which determines the type of industry that suits best to that place . Keeping all these things in mind , today…

  • Essay on Climate Change
    Education,  Geography

    Essay on Climate Change

    Essays are very important part of study . We often get different topics to write essay on . Sometimes essay writing competitions are also organised . So , because climate change is a heated topic now – a – days , today I will tell you how to write an amazing and effective essay on climate change . But I have already written a blog on how to write an effective essay on any topic . Therefore if you are poor in essay writing or wants to improve it then click on the link given below . https://gyanhunger.com/how-to-write-essay/ Before reading ahead , once go through the above given link so…

  • Timetable for study

    Timetable for study

    Searching a timetable for study ? You are on the right platform then. There is a very famous say that ” time and tide wait for none ” . Time never stops for anyone . It slips like sand from our fist . And once a time is gone , it cannot be brought back . The only thing that we can do is regret for not using our time productively. Every person on this earth has the same number of hours. A day is for 24 hours and that is for everyone. Then why it happens that some people succeed in their life and others do not even if…

  • Jobs for Arts Students

    Jobs for Arts Students

    Are you an arts or humanities student and confuse about your career opportunities ? Let’s see the great jobs for arts students . Everyone is studying or doing some courses in order to get a decent job and settle perfectly in their respective lives . However , now – a – days there is alot of competition . And job opportunities are really scarce . In this competitive atmosphere it becomes more important to not only work hard but to work hard in right direction . To get the right direction , one shod have the knowledge of the field that they want to pursue . At the time of…

  • Profit and Loss
    Education,  Mathematics

    Profit and Loss

    Profit and Loss are integral part of every human being . Somewhere we make huge profits whereas sometimes we face loses . It is very interesting to study profit and Loss . It is interesting to know how we can calculate our profits and how we can assess our loses . For students thinking of going into business career , learning profit and Loss is very very important . A true business person is one who know how to make profits and reduce loss. But this topic is not only important for business pursuing students , infact every student should learn this topic because it a part of our daily…

  • Education,  Government exams

    Books for Civil Services

    Civil Services examination is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission or UPSC . It is a very very tough examination but can be tackled with right strategy and dedication .Hence, It requires hardwork , determination and self confidence as well as self trust . I have already written an article on the detailed process of the civil services examination and its various phases. Today I will discuss about the various books for civil services examination . If you want to prepare for civil services but don’t know anything about it or if you don’t know how to start ,then click on the link below and learn everything about civil…